Payment and shipping

Shipping from the Czech Republic to USA is free when you spend more then 300 USD.
The cost of the shipping depends on the cost and weight of the package. The cost of the shipping includes costum duties.
value of shoppingcost of shipping
up to 40 USD10 USD
from 41 USD up to 120 USD20 USD
from 121 USD up to 300 USD40 USD
from 301 USD0 USD

The delivery time is 10-15 days (not counting costums or other delays) as provided in pricelist of Czech Post. We send the package following day after we receive your payment on our account.

The only chance to pay is in advance through our Transferwise borderless account - you send your payment in USD from US bank as to another US bank.
Account Number: 8310024971
Account Holder: Sbor Jednoty bratrské v Rychnově nad Kněžnou
Address: TransferWise 19 W 24th Street New York 10010 United States of America
ACH Routing Number: 026073150
Wire Routing Number: 026073008

Our prices are converted from CZK (Czech koruna) to USD. However, the conversion rate may differ. It is possible that your email with payment info will include little lower or higher sum for the ordered goods. This is due to changing conversion rate. The difference should be in units of cents or dollars maximum (in a case of larger shoppings). We will charge you the very same sum as we charge folks in the Czech Republic. Thanks for your understanding!
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Indicative exchange rate:
USD  (1 USD) 21.84 Kč


Indicative exchange rate:
USD  (1 USD) 21.84 Kč