HOPE (navy)

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    HOPE (navy)
    HOPE (navy)
    HOPE (navy)
    Express yourself with a t-shirt!
    Hope is a power that moves things forward. There is not a joyful life without hope. Source of hope is as precious and neccessary for life as water in a dessert. Our hope is written with a cross :)

    Used t-shirts
    For this t-shirt we use following brand: JHK TSUA 150
    - 100% cotton, 160 g/m2
    Size chart
    SizeŠ (width)D (lenght)
    S (cm)4870
    S (inch)18,927,6
    M (cm)5172
    M (inch)2028,3
    L (cm)53,574
    L (inch)2129,1
    XL (cm)5676
    XL (inch)2229,9

    HOPE (navy) HOPE (navy)
    HOPE (navy) HOPE (navy)
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