About us - why do we do it?

Who we are and why we do what we do?

There is a local Moravian church in Rychnov nad Kněžnou, The Czech Republic, behind this e-shop. Over the past 15 years our local church has developed various social, freetime and spiritual activities that exceed financial capacities of our local church members. We minister to unorganized youth in our youth center four times a week. We address more than thousand young people a year with our primary prevention lectures at primary and high schools in our region. We organizace gospel centered English camps with US Christian teams, Service Project with local youth including Gypsies, and also camps for youth from problematic homes. We also serve adults with our Councelling ministry that has lately focused mainly on heavilly indebted people. As a church we also minister to parents with small children in our family center where we share biblical view on children care and education. At least once a year we organize Alpha course for seekers - mainly our new friends from various ministries that we run in our town. Two years ago we bought a building in the center of our town that would ensure future of our ministries. For local church of 15 adult members and some 10 friends and children it is a lot especially in financial aspect. We get our funding from various sources including our generous members anf friends, our town, regional administration, state departments as well as foundations. We also believe in fair and meaningful business. We are convinced that Christians should do businnes and that even local churches can do business as well as long as the goal is a support of God's kingdom in this world. That is something we long for - that God's kingdom would grow not being hindered by lack of finances. So if you buy a t-shirt or a hoodie from us know that you have just supported church's ministry to the world. Actually that is nothing new in the history of Moravian Church. Businesses of Moravian church founded whole city quarters in European cities (e.g. Neusalz or Nowa Sol in former Prusia now Poland). We consider ourselves heirs of this spiritual legacy. We strive for ethical business that serves the costumers, employees, church, surrounding community and the society as such. So that's what we do and why we do it :)
We are looking forward to lots of satisfied costumers, new relationships and support of God's projects that will help people around us to know the One, who is real!

Martin Vlasák
pastor of Moravian church in Rychnov nad Kněžnou
e-shop coordinator

Visualisation of our newly bought building after its planned reconstruction:
One floor will serve for our youth ministry that we target on gypsy and street teens. Another floor will serve for our counseling ministry that serves people in crisis (heavily indebted, family crisis). 
Our church will meet there. We will do evangelism meetings called Alpha courses there. Christian family center will meet there as well.
We need to raise around 70,000 USD to match EU grant of 400,000 USD. Now we have around 12,000 USD. Thanks for your help. Our prayer is that many will find saving and transforming relationship with Jesus in our new location.
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